Meital Aharon

Meital Aharon Cohen

Meital Aharon Cohen is a practical engineer who specializes in architectural and interior design services for commercial and private sectors.

Since 2003, the office led a revolution in interior design by reviving dull spaces with her colorful and innovative visions to ensure its functionality according to clients’ specific needs.
In 2017, it began offering lucrative architectural services, aiming to create an unbreakable connection between the clients and their home by supplying organic solutions to construction and developmental issues.

The office’s primary goal is to make our clients’ dreams come true by fully realizing their wants and needs, and doing so, we construct an elaborate working process, centered around delivering a comfortable, beautiful, yet practical results. Interior design is an integral part of the process, and the office strives to create a correspondence between the interior to the exterior in order to establish a clean, harmonious look.

Thanks to her professionalism, knowledge, and expertise, Meital happily leads clients hand-in-hand through the entire project, including planning, zoning, coordinating, constructing, and supervising the process to ensure quality outcomes.

The designer’s holistic perspective guarantees each project’s original and creative planning, considering client demands, construction restrictions, and budget. The office displays an impressive portfolio of projects in the interior design and architectural fields, each exhibiting the office’s attention to every detail, unique creative vision, and matters of all aspects.


Meital Aharon Cohen
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